Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm Back!!!

Hello all! :) It has been a while since I have blogged last, and a lot has happened! I am finally done with school. The last semester was a tough one, but I am so excited to be done and have my Masters!

Although I am glad to be done with school, the next step is job searching...and man is that a tough one! Lol at times I think it is harder than getting the Masters. I'm ready though. I am currently enjoying helping my fiance with his business, while also being able to have my son with me but I am ready to start my own career now. It's time for me to get out there and use my talents. The other night I got a fortune cookie that said "The world is ready to receive your talents". That was the best fortune cookie I have ever read. :)

I contemplated coming back to my blog. Most of all because I could not pinpoint exactly what I wanted to blog about. What do people want to read about?? My past posts have been somewhat all over the place, and I believe it is important to have a theme when you are blogging. So I really wanted to make sure I would have something to write about. Then I was reading a great book by Katie Couric, The Best Advice I Ever Got. I did get some great advice, and right away, from Mario Batali. Batali is a celebrity Chef and restaurateur. His advice is how life is not a recipe and know your own truth and live by it. I loved this. My goal with this blog is not to impress or make posts to change people's opinions or life. My blog is real. A twenty something who is trying to reach her dreams while helping her fiance achieve his dreams and most of all cherishing every moment as we raise a sweet and wild soon to be two year old little boy. Whew!!! That is a lot huh?

Although I still believe you should have a theme when you blog, I'm not going to set any rules for the moment. However, my topics may be random but they will be real...my thoughts, my opinions and my beliefs. Some topics you may already know about, if so please add your thoughts and knowledge! Recently I learned a life lesson about not trying to please others. I consumed myself with pleasing everyone else and set myself up for disappointment and frustration. I was always worried about what others would think if I said or did something. I am now focussing only on pleasing God and being the best I can be for my family. This is not something that can happen overnight, but I am working hard on doing this from here on out. I have had the amazing help making this a reality from a book I suggest to you all. The book is The Purpose Driven Life  by Rick Warren. This book is changing my life and I am so incredibly thankful for this book and Rick Warren!!

Blogging is great because not only does it allow me the opportunity to record my thoughts but most of all I can get feedback from others! It is like a journal, but the journal writes back!! So please feel free to comment!! I'm excited to be back and blog again. Oh and one thing I will be keeping on here is MVM...loved starting out the week with a good song. :)