Friday, August 12, 2011

What to Not Forget Before Going Out the Door

Wednesday night my mom, fiancé, son and I all went to the mall. On the way home we were talking about guys and how easy it is for them to look good. Most guys just have to shower, get dressed, take 5 to 10 minutes to do their hair, spray on their cologne and they are ready. For girls to get ready it takes at least an hour. We started talking about makeup and Ryan (my fiancé) said that it is funny because girls put so much makeup on, but they actually look the best without it. That is the trick though right? Put your make up on, while trying to make it look like you don't have any on. :)

I got to thinking about getting ready and what really looks the best. Then when I was on Pinterest later that night pinning away, I found a quote that I love and it got me thinking. 

(By the way, Pinterest is a website where you can pin things you see on the internet that you like. Ryan's aunt Erin told me about it (thanks Erin!!)  :) If you are not already on, you should join right away!)

The quote is from Audrey Hepburn:
Happiness. We remember the shinning spray, makeup, perfume, accessories etc…but what about the simple thing of happiness. You know those girls you see when you are out that seem to have a permanent smile, almost a magnet that attracts others to them? Is it the perfume they are wearing, her cute dress or her really white teeth? No, it’s probably the smile and happiness that she is projecting. People are drawn to that! People want to be around happy people, they do not want to be around someone who has a frown or scowl and is being negative about everything around them. Happiness is something every girl should not forget.

The key to this is doing what you love. Run, read a good book, take a class at the gym, travel or write! Appreciate and focus on what is good in your life. Find whatever it is that turns that light on inside of you and makes you happy!

Don’t get me wrong, I understand it is tough sometimes to always be happy. It’s up to you to figure out what makes you happy and do what makes you happy. Nobody else is going to do it for you. If you’re having a bad day, seek out what makes you happy. Play some music or talk to a friend or family member that can lift you up or make you laugh. When I’m having a stressful day I will light my favorite candle, turn on Pandora radio and play a mix of my favorite artists. It’s amazing what a little music and smelling your favorite relaxing sent can do for you! When things are really crazy I like to do all of the above while cleaning or organizing my house.

Inner happiness will radiate off of you. Stay away from negativity especially gossip. All that will do is bring you down. Many people think that talking bad about others will make them look better. Nope, it only drags you down and makes others not want to be around you! Walk around with confidence, a smile and pep in your step!! :) 

“The more you appreciate the good things, the more numerous they will be. Let the world around you be an expression of your happiness, instead of depending on it to provide you with happiness”. ~ Ralph Marston


  1. So true. I always try to keep this in mind from day to day. It's like a new found freedom doing what you want and what makes you happy, rather than worrying about what others expect of you.

  2. LOVE this. It's funny how your feelings change over the years on true happiness, and how it doesn't include clothes and makeup. Doesn't matter what you look like; if you exude happiness, you'll make others feel the same way! Live. Laugh. Love.

    PS. Don't you just adore Pinterest!

  3. Love this Abbey. So what I needed to hear today! Thank you xoxo

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  5. Thanks guys!!
    Inner Happiness: I just like to blog for fun right now. It is a way to build up my confidence in writing.
    I appreciate your nice comment though, makes me feel good that people like what I am writing. :)


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