Monday, October 10, 2011

MVM!! :)

Music Video Monday!

Happy Columbus Day everyone! This weekend I went to Sugarland concert and it was AMAZING!!! They have so much energy and put on a great show! I decided to have one of their videos as my Music Video Monday. :) I love a lot of their videos, but I decided on "Little Miss" because this was one of my favorites at the concert. There were fans that wrote down why they were alright on a piece of paper and then held them up during the song. It was really cool. I love how positive and upbeat this band is! She is definitely right, this song is great on the radio but even better listening to it live and through BIG speakers! :)

Sit back, turn it up and ENJOY!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Crawl-A-See-Um to Minutes Like Glaciers

So what are your thoughts on Heaven is for Real!? So far it has been a difficult read because my heart aches for Colton and his parents. I am very glad Burpo put the Arby's story in the Prologue because as I read I know Colton will be okay.

I am only going to do a review up to Chapter 10 because I think there is so much you can discuss already from these Chapters. One part of the book that struck me was in the second chapter when Burpo was telling about his "pitty party" for himself. I admire Burpo when he quickly recognized and humbled himself when he remembered what Jesus did for us. I am presently working on having this kind of attitude on life and understanding what God is doing in my life. It is easy to get upset and have a pity party when things are not going right, or the way you think they should be. However it is in those moments that we can learn a great deal if we open our heart to God.

The next few chapters is when the reading got pretty hard. I cannot fathom what Burpo must have had felt hearing his little boy cry for him on the other side of the curtain. Ugh, just terrible!
I thought it was interested in chapter 9 when Burpo explained a prayer chain. He tells us:
"Scripture says that God answered the prayers, not of the sick or dying, but of the friends of the sick or dying-the paralytic, for example. It was when Jesus saw the faith of the man's friends that he told the paralytic, 'Get up, take your mat and go home".
I never understood prayer chains in this way! I'm not exactly sure what I thought when I was praying before. I guess I just thought I was praying for people to let God know they are in our thoughts. I now better understand the meaning and I know what praying for others can do. Hearing this excites me and I will be praying for others much more now! :) Also, I was always thankful when others told me they were praying for me, but now fully understanding what praying for others can do makes me appreciate it even more.

What are your thoughts up to Chapter 10? I would love to hear what you all think so please share! Although I know in the end he gets better, I hope he gets better soon in the book!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Be Bright Pink!!


Well my goal of writing every day is a lot more tough than I thought it would be! Chasing around my year and half little boy, class every night but Wednesday and Friday and keeping up with the home and studying has been taking all of my time! I'm not complaining though. Life is wonderful and I'm thankful for all that is going on right now, just a lot more tough to post than I thought it would be! :)

October has started, so it is a great time to create some new goals! I got some great advice from a blog I follow, S3events and design , to make goals each month instead of a yearly resolution. I love this idea because instead of making one large goal that I usually forget after the first month, you can have a few goals each month.  When the month is over you can make new goals for the next month, or carry them over from the last one!
My goals this month are to:    1. Cook more and as healthy as possible
                                               2. Stay on top of the house and keep it organized
                                               3. Post more on my blog
                                               4. Be Bright Pink!

I added number 4 because this month is National Breast Cancer Month. Did you know that except for skin cancers, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women? After seeing this fact on the Susan G. Komen website I realized I need to learn more about breast cancer and prevention. Susan G. Komen for the cure has four great recommendations on their website that helps you know how to best prevent breast cancer and ways to detect early signs of breast cancer. The first one is to know your risk by talking to family and learn about your history. Also talk to your health care provider about your personal risk of breast cancer. The second one is to get screened, the third recommendation is to know what is normal for you and provides a list and illustrations to help you identify when you should seek your health care provider. The fourth recommendation is to make healthy lifestyle choices. Visit the Susan G. Komen link above to read more of each recommendation. The site also has self-awareness cards you can print off to help you examine yourself!

Giulianna Rancic has a fun quick video to discuss myths of breast cancer and remind you the importance of self exams:

I just love her! :)

The Susan G. Komen website also has an activity for each day of the month of October. The activity today (October 4th) is to take a moment and tell them what you would have missed if you (or someone you loved) didn't get screened for breast cancer in time.

One thing I did is paint my nails a pink color to remind myself to talk to others about breast cancer awareness and learn more about prevention. The nail polish was at Walgreens on a pink section for breast cancer awareness. I got the pinky glitter! :)

I also love the pink hair extensions I have heard some salons will put in your hair and the pink light bulbs you can put in your porch light. There are so many fun ways to help remind yourself and others about breast cancer awareness!

I will be working hard on my goals this month, which means you should be seeing me on here a lot more! :) My next post will be an update on the book Heaven is for Real, so if you want to join in on discussion please check out my next post!

Have a great day everyone!