Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Who Wants a T-Shirt?

I don't know about you guys but I love t-shirts. Don't get me wrong, getting dressed up is fun, but nothing can beat that comfy t-shirt that you throw on and feel good in.

If you go to a St. Louis Cardinals game, the best baseball team ever, you will see some people who really love t-shirts. I was on Team Fredbird for the Cardinals for a couple of years and would sling t- shirts into the stands. People would go crazy for a t-shirt. I don't blame them, they are pretty awesome shirts. :)

I have always been the girl of the group who suggests having t-shirts made for any event that our friends or family would be organizing. From float trips to vacations to pub crawls, as soon as someone suggests making plans for an event, I am the one who quickly adds "and lets make t shirts!'. Not only do the t shirts make picking out an outfit so much easier but it is fun and a great keepsake after the event! Another bonus is if you are traveling in a largely populated area you can quickly find your group with bright colored shirts.

Today I wanted to share the latest t-shirt I designed and made for one of my best friend's bachelorette party.
The Front
The Back

My friend found the t-shirts for a great price from Bella wholesale. I then designed the text and ring and had transfers printed from Jumbo Sticky Pics. When I got the transfers I just simply ironed the design on and blinged out the ring with Tulip bling fabric paint and was done! It was a cheap and fun and since I am a big DIY fan, I had so much fun making them with the Bride to be.

For the Bride's shirt we did the opposite, white shirt and Teal lettering. The girls all loved the shirts and we all had fun wearing them for the bride!

So next time you have an occasion, see if you can add shirts to the mix! If you want to design your own and need any help with how to do it or need information about the transfers feel free to email me at