Monday, July 22, 2013

Music Video Monday!!

My sister had me listen to some India Arie tonight and I came across Heart of the Matter. How great is that song? Love it! 

I have another one I wanted to post for today though..but it has the same topic in it...forgiveness. Love this song because it reminds me how forgiveness is not really about the other person. Instead it sets YOU free.  It is hard to understand when you are going through hurt, but when it comes down to it, holding on to hurt is poison.  It makes you sick!  Let it go, let it be. 

If someone is continually hurting you, don't let them have that power over your life anymore.  I'm not saying you need to cut them out of your life forever, just reevaluate how much time you are spending trying to please them.  You can be there for them and support them with what they are going through, but you don't have to allow them to determine your mood or worth. 

"Let's shake free of this gravity of judgement and fly high on the wings of forgiveness."

Happy Monday everyone!! Make it a good week!! 

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