Friday, September 7, 2012

Favorite Craft Friday

Happy Friday!! Today I am going to show off a couple of my favorite projects I made over the summer. They both are "word art". I have been seeing these types of projects on Pinterest and decided to make some of my own! The first one is a gift I made for my friend Candice's wedding.

To make this I first designed the name and date on Adobe Illustrator. Then I found a board and painted it white for the letter color. My fiance Ryan printed the vinyl lettering for me. When the white was dry I placed the lettering and then spray painted the board black. After the black dried a bit, but not all the way, I pulled the letters off. It is better to do it when it is not all the way dry so the lettering comes off easier.

If you do not have Adobe or a printer that can print vinyl lettering, you can use stickers from a craft store. OR you can email me and I can help you design the lettering and have them shipped to you! Just send me what you are wanting and I can send you a quote for how much it would be. I will also send you a few different text options. There are so many different text options to choose from these days! :)

We also have them on transfer paper to make it easier to apply to the board.

The second project I made this summer was a for my sister.
She has a lake house and I wanted to make her something for her the house. We visit her every summer and always have such an awesome time, so I wanted to make her something that incorporated all the fun we had there.

For this one I decided to have some fun with the words. I wanted to make it to where you had to look at it for a while and read it and also making it to the theme of Life is Better at the Lake.

My sister loved it! This was one of my favorite gifts to give because not only was it fun to make but it had meaning behind it. :)

This fall I am going to make some for our home. I am going through all my favorite quotes now to pick the best ones. I love having positive uplifting quotes around the home so I am excited to get started on this next project! May even try some different colors this time!

This really is a pretty easy craft to make. Stickers will work but if your project is bigger or if you can't find the right kind, please feel free to email me and we will get you started!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!!

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