Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Theme Change

Hello everyone!

I have decided to go with a theme for future posts. Much like Music Video Monday and Friday Favorites but adding to it! Here is the post them I want to try. Let me know what you think!

Music Video Monday

  Monday will stay the same MUSIC VIDEO MONDAY. I will either be posting a song or a music video I am loving that week. 

T.A.C.O Tuesday

             Tuesday I will be doing T.A.C.O Tuesday. Not your typical taco though. :) Taco Tuesday
              is a fun theme we have in our house and I thought I would bring it to my blog. Instead
               of your typical taco though T.A.C.O stands for Things Abbey Carmen Observes. 
             One of my professors, Eileen Solomon, from Webster once told me how important it is 
              that we be observant in life. By being observant you can learn so much and so easily. 
              Think of driving down a road. You can drive down the road and not take the time to 
             look around, focusing only on where you are going and the GPS telling you what turn
             to take next. By simply being observant and looking around at what is around you, you        
            see all that is available around you. This is just an example but with technology we have 
                                            lost the ability to slow down and be observant. 

 Watch it Wednesday

                              My goal is to have a video on here for you to watch each week!
                                 The video topics will vary but it is my goal to create them all.
                              If you have any suggestions on video topics please let me know! 

Thursday Thoughts

                      Thursday I will post my thoughts on current topics or books I am reading. 

Friday Favorites

   Friday will be the same Friday Favorites! Here I will post a few of my favorite things from the week.

Sweat it Out Saturday

            Saturdays I will post fitness tips and quotes. I will also post updates on my journey with 
                                           Insanity/other Beachbody workout programs.

                                              Feed Your Soul Sunday

                   Sunday posts will be about feeding your soul. Growing deeper with God. 

                       Thank you for reading and please comment on my upcoming posts!! :) 

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